Changes due to COVID-19


Shared Swim, Aerobics Classes, and Lap Swim are cancelled until further notice.  (NOTE:  These sessions will still be available to book Privately) 
  • This was a very difficult decision, we have for many years enjoyed our regulars who participated in these sessions.  With the social distancing standards required – we are not comfortable having our patrons share the pool, restrooms, and limited dressing rooms with people unfamiliar to them.
  • If you have prepaid for any of these cancelled sessions – you will be contacted and refunded.
  • If you are comfortable with your group from the past – one group leader can book a private session for all of you – you would pay by reimbursing your group leader(If you are interested in your class growing – leave us your group leaders info and we will give it out when requested.)
  • NOTE: you must reserve your space before your swim time.  If you show up without a reservation you will not be able to swim.
  • All sessions are available to book online and are first come first serve.
Only Private Sessions will be available for all swimming/soaking
  • We will have 1 hour morning sessions and 1 ½ hour afternoon & evening pool sessions.
  • The Hot Tub will be available for either 1 hour or 1 ½ hour sessions.
All swimmers MUST pre-book and pre-pay.
  • We only operate by reservation.  Book your session by going to or calling our office 208-584-3371.
  • You will be required to pay for your session at the time of reservation.  This is not a new policy -but it will be required for everyone including early morning swimmers – we will no longer have a box for self-pay.
  • NOTE: you must reserve your space before your swim time.  If you show up without a reservation you will not be able to swim.
We are currently not accepting CASH or CHECK.
  • We do not plan on this policy lasting forever.  If you do not have a credit card – we are sorry for the inconvenience!  Please check our website/Facebook page in the upcoming months for updates on when we will again accept cash.
  • Our self-pay boxes and self-pay clipboards will be discontinued.
  • Credit cards will be the only form of payment accepted at this time.
You must sign a waiver
  • We have required waivers for years, but it will now be included in an email as part of the booking process.
  • Our waiver has not changed, but you will be required to sign it even if you have already signed in the past.
Our Swim Session times have changed to allow for disinfecting and water treatment between each group
  • We will continue to give your group a 10 minute reminder before your session is over.  Please be completely out of the dressing rooms and pool gate by the end of your session.
  • We will be disinfecting surfaces and treating the water between groups and cannot do this if you have stragglers in the dressing rooms, bathrooms or water.
We will be treating the water with chlorine regularly
  • Chlorine kills Coronavirus and other harmful bacteria.
  • Since we are a hot springs and fresh hot water is constantly coming in – we will be continually monitoring chlorine levels throughout each day to maintain safe levels for all our groups.


  • To bring your own life jackets and swim diapers (you can call ahead and pre-pay for a swim diaper if needed)
  • Do not forget your swim suit and towel – These will not be available to rent
  • We will not be keeping a lost and found at this time -check carefully before you leave!
  • We want to limit your contact with anyone other than your group – please call, if possible, rather than visiting the office.
  • If you need to come to office -please ring office bell then back stand 6 feet.
  • Your group is responsible for social distancing.
  • For the safety of other groups please be out of the gate on time and into your vehicles -unless you have reserved a shelter
  • Stay home if sick
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Cover coughs and sneezes

These are really big changes for all us!  Thank you for your support!

This is not only our business, it is our home -and we swim every day!  Health and safety are our highest priorities.