Inventory list for Spring House

Commonly Asked Questions:
The big room is 35’ x 50’. We have 100 gray plastic chairs and 12 tables (8”x30”).
The tables seat 4 chairs per side and one on each end. We do not furnish table cloths.
There are 75 folding chairs in the mechanical room that may be used outside.

Connecting the 60” TV in the main room to a computer:
1. Run an HDMI from your computer to the TV with a 10’ cord. We try to keep one here.
2. Type ‘Sound’ into your computer.
3. Tap on the sound bar. Menu will open.
4. Tap TV, reset, default to TV. This kills the other speakers and plays from computer to TV. The TV is not connected to the Bose but has good speakers.
Connecting from computer to speakers: Bring an HDMI from your computer.
Connecting from a phone to speakers: Bring a USB mini plug that connects from your phone.


Kitchen-Bring your own dish cloths, dish towels,hot pads, and paper towels.

1st aid kit

2 air conditioner controls to be kept in kitchen cupboard

3 gray plastic under-sink trays 18”x24”

1 dish drainer

9 glasses

2 mugs

7 dinner plates

6 salad plates

8 soup bowls

Casserole Dishes: 2-1 ½ quart, 1 glass lid; 1-2 quart with no lid

2 large cookie sheets

11” x 13” cake pan

1-16 qt. stainless stock pot missing lid

18” fry pan with lid

12” non-stick square fry pan

8” fry pan

10” fry pan

4 sauce pans with 2 lids

1 aluminum pie pan

Large plastic, blue salad bowl with lid

12” x 18” cutting board

36” x 24” cutting board

Cheese grater

Hand grater

Wire whip

1 Can opener

1 rubber Spatula

1 set of measuring cups

4 measuring spoons

Liquid Measure- 4 cup

Metal mesh silverware holder

2 paring knives

1 large serrated knife

1 pizza cutter

1 peeler

1 bottle opener

Event Center Furnishings

100 Gray plastic chairs (94 in SH and 24 in party room)

2 chair dollies

12 banquet tables-8’x30”. Each seat comfortably 4 per side and one on each end.
2 small folding tables

4 picnic tables on patio-6’x30”

72 folding chairs in 2 trays. May be used outside. Some may be in shelters

8 black metal chairs on patio

Metal love seat

2 silver end tables



2 60” Samsung TV’s

2 remotes for TV and speakers

1 tall cylinder Bose speaker

1 Bose subwoofer

1 Bose Amp Speaker

1 Wireless microphone and control box

1 corded microphone

Microphone stand

3 mic cords

Rolland control panel

Other control panel


Fire extinguisher

Folding Mop system with bucket

Swivel window wash squeegee with bucket

Long dust broom

1 broom, dust pans

Cleaning Supplies

Step ladder

Tables and Chairs in Other Areas

4 picnic tables in Shelter 1 between pool and tub plus 1 banquet table

2 picnic tables in Shelter 2 at north end of grass plus 1 banquet table

2 picnic tables in Shelter 3 by splash pad
1 picnic table in Shelter 4 in tent Camping area south of Spring House

2 metal tables on party room patio with 8 chairs
3 tables in party room and 24 plastic chairs

4 chairs on hot tub deck
16 camp chairs in sports closet

Trash Cans Inside Building
6 gray Slim Jims

3- 18” gray rectangular

2 tall white trash cans in women’s rest room

3 small oval trash cans with handles in women’s stalls
Indoor Rugs

2- 4×6 One in office and at east main door

3-5×3 One in each restroom and 1 at south main door

1-2’x3’ Kitchen rug

Outdoor Rugs

3- 5’x6’’

1- 3’x4’

1- 2’x3’


Main Room: Metal Cat Tails, Metal Les Miserable

TV Room: Metal Washer Fish, Metal Guitar, Metal Tom Petty, Rock Band in Case

Hall: Metal Circle Tree, Metal Starry Night, Metal Mountain Scene, Large Round Mirror, 2 Metal Faces

Women’s Restroom: Metal Girl’s Face, round decorative mirror

Men’s Restroom: Round decorative mirrors