Mosquito Abatement

Prior to the establishment of the Gem County Mosquito Abatement District, West Nile Virus was a serious concern in Gem County. Now, because of fogging, the mosquito problem is under control.

During summer months, a noisy fog truck may drive through the RV park and the pool parking lot anywhere from 30 minutes before sunset to 2.5 hours after sunset. The routes change daily but can be found at or by calling 208-365-5628.

The product used is Permethrin mixed with mineral oil as a carrier agent.  The mixture is diluted since mosquitos are so small. The fog is very fast acting and breaks down after about 30 minutes. There is no residual effect. Water washes it away, making it completely ineffective. According to GCMAD, swimmers in the pool and hot tub are not at risk as the steam would push the fog away and the water makes it ineffective.

Chemically sensitive individuals can close windows and stay inside for 30 minutes after fogging. The precautions do not mention any need to bring in pet dishes.

More information can be found at or by calling 208-465-5628.