Why waste swimming time signing waivers?!  Sign BEFORE you come!  

There are 2 ways to fill out our waiver:

1.(Best option) In your confirmation email from Roystone Hot Springs there is a button labeled, “Sign Waiver.”  Click on it and follow the instructions to complete the waiver.  If you don’t have the email; call us and we can resend it to you.  Or if you didn’t make the reservation, ask the person who did – to either forward you the email or text you the link.  NOTE:  When you use the link provided in the reservation email – your waiver is linked to that specific reservation and shows us that you have completed it.


2.  If you are having trouble with any of the instructions above, you can click on the link below to complete your waiver.  It will not be linked to your reservation but can be looked up in the office if necessary.