Reservations are Mandatory!

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The Pool is the perfect temperature all year round!

Pool Features:

  • Private Hot Springs Pool just for your group!
  • Cozy 98 degrees (safe for babies and pregnant Mamas) in the winter and cooled in the summer!
  • Water basketball!
  • Swimming toys and floaties are welcome! (Leave the squirt guns at home please)
  • Blue tooth radio and speakers
  • Private dressing rooms and bathroom (2 more bathrooms at the base of pool)
  • Seating alongside the pool
  • Roomy stairs with handrails for entering pool (and for beginner swimmers to play on)
  • NOTE: This is an outdoor pool with a vaulted cover over the top.  All the sides are open to the elements.
  • Pool depth ranges from 3’ to 6’ (Not a diving pool)


Pool Policies/Notes:

  • We operate completely by reservation. When you reserve you get the entire pool just for your group for the entire session!
  • We are alcohol free.  Swimming and drinking do not mix.
  • Please do not hang on the basketball hoop!  N0 second chances – you will be asked to leave.
  • When you arrive please call our office to check-in BEFORE entering the pool/hot tub gates 208-584-3371. If you are unable to call, come to our office and ring the office doorbell.
  • Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations with less than 48 hour notice are non-refundable. A 10% cancellation fee is charged for all cancelled bookings.
  • If your group cannot follow the rules you may be asked to leave.  If you make the reservation, you will be considered responsible for the group, please make sure they are all informed.  See all Roystone Safety Rules We are not responsible for any injuries or damages to your property!
  • Mosquito Abatement FAQs and contact info  

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