We are Open!

We have implemented SEVERAL new changes due to Covid!   Please read over them BEFORE booking so you won’t have any surprises on your arrival:  Changes due to COVID-19

Reservations are Mandatory!

Book online now!

Private Pool Pricing:

Due to the Covid, we are now offering only Private Pool Sessions.  We are not currently offering Shared Swim or Aerobics. 


1.5 hour Private Pool Base Price:  (all sessions include 10 swimmers – add $3 for each extra swimmer)

  • $50:  Monday -Thursday
  • $60:  Friday
  • $70:  Saturdays and Holidays

1 hour Private Pool Base Price:  (all sessions include 10 swimmers – add $3 for each extra swimmer)

  • $20:  Monday – Friday sessions beginning before 10am (does not change on holidays)
  • $30:  Monday – Thursday 10:30 session (holiday rate:  $40)
  • $40:  Friday 10:30am
  • $30:  Saturday 7:30am
  • $40:  Saturday 8:45am

When you arrive please call our office to check-in BEFORE entering the pool/hot tub gates 208-584-3371. If you are unable to call, come to our office and ring the office doorbell.

In order to avoid paying the cancellation fee -48 hour notice is REQUIRED for all cancellations.  The cancellation fee is the base price of each item reserved.

Please pay for all private sessions in one payment.

Please do not hang on the basketball hoop!  N0 second chances – you will be asked to leave.


  • Sometimes when booking online, a session may appear to be available for booking -but once you click on it, it will not allow you to proceed.  Our website is not malfunctioning, this just means that this session has already been booked.  We apologize for the confusion.
  • If the entire day that you want to reserve is blank – this means that there are no available sessions for that day


All times are subject to change especially on Holidays.  Reserve before arrival!

For Hot Tub Prices please click HERE

Looking for more to do while you are here?  Check out Local Fun for ideas!

NOTICE: We are alcohol free.  Swimming and drinking do not mix.

The adult who made the reservation shall be responsible for the safety and enforcement of rules for the entire group and is liable to pay for damages to the facility that may be incurred by the group.  We are not responsible for any injuries or damages to your property!

A parent must fill out a one-time Waiver, Release & Idemnification Agreement for themselves and their minor children attending.  Please print out and bring waiver with you or fill one out when you get here.

If your group cannot follow the rules you may be asked to leave.  If you make the reservation, you will be considered responsible for the group, please make sure they are all informed.  See all Roystone Safety Rules HERE.